The Science Behind the Taste

Disney fans love their DOLE Whips!
Some call it the taste of summer!

Our flavors have been described as “bold”, “fruity”, “creamy”, and “sweet”. With six fruit flavors, all boasting a unique taste, our Lemon, Mango, Orange, Pineapple, Raspberry and Strawberry soft serve flavors satisfy taste buds over and over again. A great testament to these flavors is the fan base for DOLE Whip at Disney Parks. DOLE Whip fans (Sweeney, 2014) are helping spread the love of DOLE Soft Serve throughout the country. Through social media, we hear about new vendors selling our products almost every day. Whether it’s a local soft serve or snow cone shop, a popular nationwide frozen yogurt franchise or an independent entertainment business bringing soft serve to catered events, operators are excited to offer customers this craveable soft serve.

So why is there such a following for DOLE Soft Serve? We like to think the ingredients and formula cater to many factors of the perception of taste! In a recent FONA International newsletter, Taste Factors (Lori Walker, 2014), they analyze the 11 factors of experiencing taste. Here’s a snapshot:

Age As we age, taste buds degenerate.  It takes more flavor to taste the same taste over time!
Meals What a person eats at one meal can affect the taste of the next meal.
Hunger The hungrier a person is the more they will crave and enjoy the taste of sweet or salt.
Smoking The chemicals in cigarettes decrease the taste buds identification ability.
Obesity Severely overweight individuals have less sensitive taste buds.
Pregnancy Nearly 2/3 of women experience changes in taste during pregnancy.
Colds or Allergies Smell and taste go hand in hand. If you can’t smell food because of a stuffy nose, you won’t be able to taste it either.
Disease People with diseases such as cancer or eating disorders have a reduced sense of taste.
Temperature The temperature of a food or beverage greatly impacts taste.
Adaptation The order in which you eat affects your ability to differentiate the taste of each food item.
Solid vs. Liquid Taste buds can only detect flavors that are dissolved in liquid. Thank goodness for saliva!
Orange Goodness
Taste the tangy fruit flavor!

What does this mean for DOLE Soft Serve? Soft serve is just that…cold and soft; two attributes to more sensitive tastes. Fruit flavors are strong so they are detectable to even the least sensitive taste buds of consumers. Also, since DOLE Soft Serve is usually eaten for a snack, there are no other foods involved to compromise the taste, except for a liquid that could be poured over the soft serve, which just brings out the flavor! Aha…the secret to the DOLE Whip!


Lori Walker. (2014, May). 11 Factors Influencing Taste Perception. Flavor News.

Sweeney, V. (2014, May 4). Disney’s Dole Whip: A MUST EAT While At Magic Kingdom. Orlando, FL, USA: YouTube.

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Fat-free, dairy-free, and low-calorie, the real fruit flavors of DOLE® Soft Serve are a great way to keep health-conscious customers happy. And when customers are happy, sales soar upward, making it a real treat for everyone.

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