Just in time for summer menus, DOLE Soft Serve brings you its 2016 featured flavor – Strawberry! Sweet, juicy strawberry flavor meets the cool, smooth, creamy goodness of soft serve for a special treat either by itself, or as part of your most popular menu and beverage creations.

Fat, dairy, cholesterol and gluten-free, with real, rich fruit flavor make DOLE Strawberry an ideal treat for every customer. Made with no artificial colors or flavors, it comes in a convenient, shelf-stable dry mix that helps you reduce waste and make more money for your operation.

Serve it on its own, in smoothies, or as part of a creative and colorful parfait. Or if you have a liquor license, take it into the bar for some bright and fun adult beverages from Sangria to Daiquiris.

DOLE Strawberry Soft Serve also pairs perfectly with the popular and refreshing DOLE Lemon Soft Serve. Check with your foodservice broker, contact customer service at (800) 442-5242, visit or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for information and easy menu ideas for both great flavors.

Join the many independent soft serve shops, froyo franchises, and world-famous theme parks that serve DOLE Soft Serve by adding DOLE Strawberry to your offerings!

Published by dolesoftserve

Fat-free, dairy-free, and low-calorie, the real fruit flavors of DOLE® Soft Serve are a great way to keep health-conscious customers happy. And when customers are happy, sales soar upward, making it a real treat for everyone.

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