Orange You Glad There Are So Many Oranges?

Nothing says summer like the refreshing, citrusy taste of oranges. With warm weather finally rolling in, it’s time to stock up on these seasonal must-haves—for drinks, desserts, and on-the-go snacks.

That said, if you don’t know what a Cara Cara or a Blood Orange is, you might find yourself sticking with the familiar standbys. Expand your orange horizons with this guide to some of the most popular varieties in the U.S. Your new knowledge could even help you gain points with your patrons.

These are small oranges with a glossy, smooth texture to their skin. They’re easy to peel, seedless and sweet, making them perfect on-the-go snacks.

Also great for snacking, tangerines are slightly larger than Clementines with thicker, more withered-looking skin. They do have seeds, but they’re also juicier than most Clementines.

Navel Orange:
These oranges have a little surprise on the inside—a partially formed fruit located at their blossom end. From the outside, this looks like a human navel—hence the fruit’s name. Navels are perfect to eat due to their sweet and seedless nature.

Cara Cara:
These look like Navels, but their similarities are only skin deep. The inside of a Cara Cara is pinkish red, and its taste is far more bitter. You can eat them straight up, but they’re even better in a hearty salad.

Valencia Orange:
This is the most well known type of orange, mainly because it’s the most common orange used in juice production. Valencia Oranges account for the majority of the United States’ citrus crop, including half of Florida’s total citrus production. However, its seeds and grainy texture make it less than ideal for eating.

Blood Orange:
One of the tartest types of oranges, Blood Oranges are small with thick skin and red interiors. They’re often used in baking, salad dressings, and even niche-market beer because of their tart and unique flavor.

DOLE® Orange Soft Serve:
Gotcha! This isn’t a fruit, but a soft serve made by the brand that does fruit best. Featuring a fresh-squeezed, citrusy orange flavor swirled in a cone or cup, it’s the perfect treat to satisfy patrons’ warm-weather cravings.

No matter how you incorporate the taste of oranges in your summer line-up, remember you have many delicious options—each with its own list of applications.

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Hit Summer Hard

With the meteoric rise of microbreweries and craft cocktails, it’s no wonder that boozy desserts are hitting the foodservice scene. And why not? According to Mintel, consumers are clamoring for creative flavor combinations, and adding alcohol gives gives you a reason to upcharge your otherwise affordable soft serve. If you have a soft serve machine and a liquor license, it’s never been easier to offer signature desserts. The familiar flavor draws customers in, but the unique twist keeps them coming back for more.

To answer this trend, DOLE® Soft Serve and its expert chefs have created a series of alcoholic soft serve options, using popular flavors Lemon & Strawberry. By adding wine or liquor to the soft serve mixing process, you can easily create deliciously boozy infusions for your operation. With these recipes on your menu this summer, the over 21 crowd won’t have to choose between an after-dinner cocktail or dessert – they get the best of both.

KPF1540 Dole Beverages Recipes (4)

For an even more premium experience, consider offering your alcoholic soft serve in a cocktail glass, with a salt or sugar rim. You can even upcharge for an additional shot of liquor and pour it over the top.

If you’re interested in expanding your bar offerings to customers with a sweeter palate, or adding other soft serve-inspired desserts to your menu, download our Strawberry or Lemon recipe brochures and contact us for ordering information.