The Ultimate Summer Strawberry Playlist

If you’re anything like us, you’re in total denial that summer is coming to a close, and you’re looking for any way to hold onto those warm weather vibes just a little longer. But there are better ways to extend summer than wearing jorts and sandals well into September. Instead, bring summer back by offering the fruity flavor or DOLE® Strawberry Soft Serve at your operation!

Ready to take it one step further? We’ve put together a playlist featuring some of the sweetest strawberry jams, to accompany the fresh-picked flavor of DOLE Strawberry. With this strawberry mixtape drowning your senses, you’ll be reliving summer in no time.

  1. Strawberry Swing-Frank Ocean
  2. Strawberry Wine-Deana Carter
  3. Grass and Wild Strawberries-The Collectors
  4. Strawberry Vapors-Luke James
  5. Strawberry Fields Forever-The Beatles
  6. Strawberry Kisses-Niki Webster
  7. Strawberry Avalanche-Owl City
  8. Strawberry letter 23-The Brothers Johnson
  9. Strawberry-Everclear
  10. Strawberry Wine (life is sweet)-Pat Benatar
  11. Strawberry swing-Coldplay
  12. Strawberry Bubblegum-Justin Timberlake

Extend summer with DOLE Strawberry Soft Serve. As a fat, dairy, cholesterol and gluten-free treat, it’s perfect for every customer. And, since it comes in a convenient, shelf-stable dry mix that helps you reduce waste and make money, it’s perfect for you too. Contact Us for ordering information.

Published by dolesoftserve

Fat-free, dairy-free, and low-calorie, the real fruit flavors of DOLE® Soft Serve are a great way to keep health-conscious customers happy. And when customers are happy, sales soar upward, making it a real treat for everyone.

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