Spring Forward with Our Newly Refreshed Mango Soft Serve

Refresh your menu with DOLE Soft Serve’s newly reformulated Mango. It’s bursting with more true to fruit flavor just in time for soft serve season. Plus, the tropical fruit is on trend as the hottest flavor of the new year.

Mango is described as “the king of fruits”. Its flavor sends taste buds into pure tropical bliss. In the reformulation, our goal was to achieve a smooth, succulent fruit flavor without the use of artificial colors or flavors and WE DID IT! The improved taste doesn’t compromise our soft serve’s steadfast attributes – vegan friendly, dairy free, nut free, gluten free, fat free, and cholesterol free.

Expand applications outside of the traditional cup or cone. Consider adding tropical floats and smoothies to your menu. Mintel’s Menu Insights for January 2017 illustrates that consumers are showing strong interest in fruity beverages featuring mango and peach. Also, mango and strawberry flavor combinations have grown by 67% on smoothie menus over the last two years[i].

Please request a sample of new DOLE Whip mango. Your customers will vouch for the sweet, delicately tart, incredibly good, new and improved flavor.

[i] Mintel. Menu insights: Beverage Favor by time period. Mintel Reports database. January 2017. Accessed January 11, 2017.

The Ultimate Summer Strawberry Playlist

If you’re anything like us, you’re in total denial that summer is coming to a close, and you’re looking for any way to hold onto those warm weather vibes just a little longer. But there are better ways to extend summer than wearing jorts and sandals well into September. Instead, bring summer back by offering the fruity flavor or DOLE® Strawberry Soft Serve at your operation!

Ready to take it one step further? We’ve put together a playlist featuring some of the sweetest strawberry jams, to accompany the fresh-picked flavor of DOLE Strawberry. With this strawberry mixtape drowning your senses, you’ll be reliving summer in no time.

  1. Strawberry Swing-Frank Ocean
  2. Strawberry Wine-Deana Carter
  3. Grass and Wild Strawberries-The Collectors
  4. Strawberry Vapors-Luke James
  5. Strawberry Fields Forever-The Beatles
  6. Strawberry Kisses-Niki Webster
  7. Strawberry Avalanche-Owl City
  8. Strawberry letter 23-The Brothers Johnson
  9. Strawberry-Everclear
  10. Strawberry Wine (life is sweet)-Pat Benatar
  11. Strawberry swing-Coldplay
  12. Strawberry Bubblegum-Justin Timberlake

Extend summer with DOLE Strawberry Soft Serve. As a fat, dairy, cholesterol and gluten-free treat, it’s perfect for every customer. And, since it comes in a convenient, shelf-stable dry mix that helps you reduce waste and make money, it’s perfect for you too. Contact Us for ordering information.